Senior Canyon Mutual Water Company

                                                       Information Blog

This Information Blog is intended to share information about SCMWC, whether it be emergencies, meeting times, billing questions,  water shut-offs or other thingsthat our Company needs to communicate.  This  Blog will not contain information of a sensitive nature.  For those matters we will restrict our communication to our meetings and to mailed letters.

SCMWC Contacts

Billing:  Jan Martinez

Phone:  805-633-1108


Operations Manager:  Russell Klassen

Phone:  805-798-0267


Water Treatment, Monitoring, and Maintenance: Bobby Abate

Phone:  805-798-0268

Weekend Standby Worker:  Reinaldo Cartagena

Phone:  805-794-5931

Board President:  Peter Thielke

Phone:  805-798-2971


Board Members:  Bruce Botnick, Tony Glassman, Darrell Jones, Jim Poulsen, Mike Weaver, Al West

Emergencies!   Leaks!     Yikes!

One of our employees is always on standby to address emergencies when they occur.  Please keep in mind that SCMWC is responsible for leaks on “our side of  the water meter.”  On “your side of the meter,” where your house is usually located, the shareholder is responsible for any leaks or other malfunctions in your water supply.

Step One:  Call Russell Klassen at the above number.  If Russell doesn’t answer, leave a clear message with your name,   phone number, and what the emergency is.

Step Two:  If you don’t hear back from the Company in thirty minutes, call Bobby Abate  at his above number and leave the same information as in Step One.

Step Three: If you still don’t hear back, call Peter Thielke at his above number.

Latest Emergency Updates

6/14/2016   Casitas Municipal Water District is shutting down its supply of water on Friday, June 16, from 6 AM to 6 PM.  They are performing an annual inspection of the dam.  All shareholders are asked not to irrigate on Thursday or Friday, June 16-17, and on Friday to keep domestic us to a minimum.

Summary:    No irrigation on Thursday or Friday

Use minimum of household water on Friday  between 6AM and 6PM

6/17/2016  We started pumping Casitas water again at 11 pm.  All is back to normal in the system.


Future  Dates

Annual Meeting   TBD  (late April, 2017)

Next Monthly Board Meeting,  June 24, 2016, at 603 West Ojai Avenue at 3 PM.



In order to better contact our shareholders, including in emergencies, please send an email to:

 In your email please state the name on your account and your name, if different than the account name.